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Provide ECAS Certificate UAE testing for electronic products and wireless equipment entering the UAE; China JJR laboratory testing costs are low

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ECAS certificate UAE" refers to the Emirates Conformity Assessment System, which is a product certification program implemented under Federal Law No. 28 of 2001 in the United Arab Emirates (UAE).

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According to previous announcements from ESMA (Emirates Authority for Standardization and Metrology), products within the scope of ECAS registration and certification (including electronic and electrical products) should bear the ECAS mark along with an NB (Notified Body) number.


The ECAS certification program ensures that products entering the UAE meet prescribed standards, encompassing both quality and safety aspects. It covers products affecting public life, health, safety, as well as those impacting the environment and the UAE economy. Additionally, locally manufactured products are included in the program to ensure their quality and competitiveness in the global market.


Key dates and requirements within the ECAS framework include:

- Implementation of the National Energy Efficiency and Conservation Program (EESL) on April 13, 2011.

- Addition of mandatory Restriction of Hazardous Substances (RoHS) requirements starting from January 2018.

- Inclusion of communication and audio-video products into the mandatory safety certification list under ECAS from May 1, 2019.


The applicable product categories under ECAS include:

1. Energy Efficiency Standards Labeling (EESL)

2. Lighting Safety and Energy Efficiency

3. Restriction of Hazardous Substances (RoHS)

4. Electrical equipment in potentially explosive atmospheres (ECASEx)

5. Lighting products and Low Voltage Equipment (LVE)


The certification process involves:

1. Submission of certification application.

2. Confirmation of product regulations by the certification body.

3. Laboratory testing of samples.

4. Submission of technical documentation by the client.

5. Review of documentation and test reports by ESMA.

6. Issuance of Certificate of Conformity (CoC) by ESMA.


Application requirements include valid UAE industrial trade license, CB test reports, Product Identity Declaration (PID), product labels and images, user manuals in Arabic and English, energy efficiency performance reports for certain appliances, and compliance with ESMA requirements for plug parts of electronic products.


The fees for ECAS certification include registration fee, certificate issuance fee, document review fee, report review fee, and factory assessment fee.


The validity period of ECAS certification is two years, extendable for an additional year upon application three months before expiry, subject to payment of extension fees.

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